What it is

CLNUPlot lets you manipulate plots in Lisp and then write out a command file that can executed in GNUPlot. The basic model is one of plots and data-sets. A plot contains information for the entire information display; for example, the title, the axis labels and so forth. Each data set contains information about how to display a single group of data in some format; e.g., the data, the display style, the name of the data in the legend and so forth. A plot contains one or data sets. For example, this

  '((1 2) (2 2.5) (3 3.1) (4 3.4) (5 4.2))  
  :pointsize 2.0  
  :linewidth 3.0  
  :filename "simple-example"  
  :xlabel "Bin Number"  
  :ylabel "Dance Partners"  
  :x-coord #'first  
  :y-coord #'second  
  :title "Bin Number versus Dance Partners"  
  :ymin 0.0)  


Mailing Lists

Where is it

CLNUPlot is on the CLiki. A darcs repository is available. The command to get it is below:

darcs get http://common-lisp.net/project/clnuplot 

CLNUPlot is also ASDF installable (and here is my GPG Key). This is probably a better way to get it since it has several dependencies. There's also a handy gzipped tar file.

What is happening

10 June 2008 - CLNUPlot finally reaches for its own home on common-lisp.net.

19 October 2007 - Mostly minor housecleaning; added trivial-shell dependency to make things easier.

3 January 2006 Just getting things set up here.